Expert assessment of products to determine safety, suitability, quality, reliability and regulatory/standards compliance

UL’s comprehensive inspection programmes provide a vital check on product quality at every stage of production to help minimise potential problems posed by global sourcing. From factory to shelf, we help ensure products and packaging meets your brand specifications, as well as international regulations and standards.

Quality Inspections

Top of Production (TOP) Inspections / Initial Production Inspections (IPI) are performed on raw materials and initial samples respectively, in conjunction with product evaluations against pre-production pieces to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and client specifications

During-Production Inspections (DUPRO) provide a means of evaluating quality after production has started, but before the majority of the order is completed. The purpose of the inspection is to identify and address any issues as early as possible in the manufacturing process without jeopardising the shipping schedule

Final Random Inspections (FRI)/Pre-shipment Inspections (PSI)verify product quality, packaging, product labelling and carton markings before the product leaves the factory to ensure the items are fit for their intended purpose and are correctly packed to minimise potential damage during shipment

Loading Inspections< ensure that the product, shipment quantity, packing requirements and carton markings are accurate during the loading process at the factory, warehouse or port Production Monitoring places an inspector on-site at the factory to monitor the manufacturing process from incoming raw materials to finished product and helps ensure materials, quality and production schedules meet your anticipated timelines and specifications

Factory Inspections

UL conducts factory inspections based on a client’s predefined parameters to provide retailers, buyers, and original equipment manufacturers confidence in the suppliers they work with and the reliability of the suppliers’ products.

UL factory inspections ascertain whether the certified products produced in a given facility are identical or within accepted manufacturing tolerances to the sample for which the product certification was granted. Services include initial production inspection, during-process inspection, final random inspection, and packing supervision.

Manufacturing Audits

Factory Capability Audits evaluate a facility’s capabilities to produce a specific range of products to brand specifications and desired timeline

Social Compliance Audits measure social and environmental compliance with international standards and regulations

Technical Audits assess management structure, quality control processes, document control and working conditions

Environmental Assessments provide a comprehensive review of compliance with environmental laws and regulations and relevant international standards such as ISO 14001

These Services Apply to:

  • Appliances and HVAC
  • Cleaning Products
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Food and Beverage
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • OTC and Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care and Beauty
  • Plastics and Components
  • Premiums, Promotional and Licensed Goods
  • Textiles, Apparel and Footwear
  • Toys and Juvenile Products
  • And more…