UL provides practical, customized solutions

UL is the quality assurance partner of textile, apparel and footwear companies through each stage of production, helping to ensure the right program for the modern demands of consumers and regulatory requirements.

The benefits of working with UL

An early product review by UL experts can reduce time to market and help avoid costly recalls. UL’s state-of-the-art textiles testing labs evaluate if products meet brand standards and consumer expectations for safety, quality, fit, comfort and durability.
We assess product distribution and sales practices to ensure compliance with local and international industry standards. Our global presence and compliance expertise give us firsthand knowledge of current and pending regulations and standards that may impact our clients. We have a network of more than 152 laboratory testing and certification facilities in 40 countries.
With intimate knowledge and experience with industry and government standards, UL offers valuable insights into factory quality systems and production capabilities as part of our inspections and factory audit solutions.
Across the production cycle, our quality assurance team can develop solutions tailored to suit precise customer requirements and monitor compliance.


  • SAS – (Swiss Accreditation Services)
  • CPSIA – (U.S. Consumer Product Improvement Safety Act)
  • TÜRKAK – (Turkish Accreditation Agency)
  • ACCREDIA – (Italian National Accreditation Body)
  • HKAS – (Hong Kong Accreditation Service)
  • UKAS – (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)
  • CMA – (China Metrology Accreditation)
  • CNAS – (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)
  • LACE – (Laboratory Accreditation, Correlation, Evaluation Textile Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)
  • DANAK – (The Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund)
  • NABL – (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories)
  • TUNAC – (Tunisian Accreditation Council)


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